AN ODE TO THE TRINJAN - The Creative Collective

AN ODE TO THE TRINJAN - The Creative Collective

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Traditionally, Phulkari has been a Woman-only domain. For centuries, Punjabi women would get together in their courtyards to embroider and sing together. There is even a term for these gorgeous Creative Collectives: “Trinjans” - these groups are now very rare!

Phulkari Trinjans were integral to Punjabi culture, folklore and literature. Within the larger feudal-patriarchal context of Punjab and given the geopolitical flux that this region has historically faced, The Trinjan provided somewhat of a ‘protective glue’ to the Women of Punjab – a Collective Creative Immersion and escape.

This platform facilitated the Artisan’s personal creativity, style, dreams, prayers and aspirations. It was a symbol of liberty and wisdom of women. They shared their skills such as embroidery, weaving, knitting, spinning yarn, cooking, health and as well as traditional knowledge related with agriculture like seeds, sowing, herbs etc. The Trinjan also provided women with an opportunity for entertainment and passing-on of creative intelligence to the younger generation through folk songs, dance forms and jokes.    

Phulkari played a special role within the Trinjan and this craft had room for every Punjabi woman's Authentic Unbridled Creative Expression and was thus, therapeutic, in many ways.

This Artwork is "An Ode to The Trinjan": 18" X 18" Acrylic on Canvas; Finished with a Wooden Frame and Phulkari Border.

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