SAAVAN - The Monsoon
SAAVAN - The Monsoon

SAAVAN - The Monsoon

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SAAVAN - Lit. "The Monsoon" brings with it not only respite from the scorching heat of Punjab's summer sun but also a brand new couture season. 

This stunning SAAVAN Adha Bagh features 580 Brilliant Rose-Pink Flowers with 560 larger flowers in Majestic Blue and Bottle Green embroidered all around them! The widthwise border has Rose-Pink and Bottle Green Triangular motifs - about a 100 each! 

SAAVAN - The Monsoon - took an estimated 550 hours of loving craftsmanship.

DIMENSIONS: Approximately 7.5 Feet Long x 3.25 Feet Wide


*PHULKARI CARE* VERY IMPORTANT: This is a handicraft. Colors may fade and pattern may vary over time. No two pieces of Phulkari are the same. Please do not wash your Phulkari in a washing machine. Dry Clean Only. Please Iron only on the back, unfinished side of the Phulkari Fabric. The Silk/Polyester Thread may damage both your Handicraft as well as the Hot Surface of the Iron. No Bleach.


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