Purana Qila - The Old Fort
Purana Qila - The Old Fort

Purana Qila - The Old Fort

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Purana Qila: Literally, "Old Fort", refers to The Old Fort in Delhi. (Read more here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Purana_Qila)

The Partition of India was a very significant and poignant moment in Modern Indian and South Asian history. In August 2017, Two countries were carved out of (British) India (1) India and (2) Pakistan comprised of West Pakistan and East Pakistan. *East Pakistan became Bangladesh, a sovereign country in 1971.

Some scholars believe the Partition of India led to the largest mass migration in human history ever. For nearly 6 million people, the word "home" took a different meaning altogether.

In August 1947, The Purana Qila and its surroundings were turned into a Mass Refugee Camp holding more than 200,000 refugees for the next several months.

This 18" wide x 24" long Acrylic & Watercolor Artwork is set in that historical context.

This Artwork is finished with a Wooden Frame and a Phulkari Border.


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