Virsā Singapore Exhibition Partner

"Woven Through Time" - our Exhibition in Singapore - would not have been possible without the amazonian efforts or Ms. Peng-Ean Khoo. She is the Founder & CEO of Bilberries Blue Group of Companies in Singapore -- a Socially-focused Enterprise aimed at empowering creative entrepreneurs and artists.

PEK's investment interests vary from Art, Poetry, Sustainable Agriculture to Saving the Tropical Forests in South East Asia. She is a busy mom of two lovely children and is an absolute inspiration to Virsā. 

Here's how Peng-Ean articulates her vision for Bilberries Blue: 

"...Bilberries Blue is developing a platform called The Silent Dancer in A Pregnant Pause. The title is a haiku which serves as a reminder of the embrace of the harmony of ideas and applications in nature and human nature juxtapositions, rational, non-rational, concrete, symbolic, articulable, inarticulable expressions.

It is an inter-disciplinary platform which empathises, investigates, documents, creates, shares and celebrates insights, artistic expressions, dialogues, meetings, encounters, study groups, classrooms, seminars, workshops, work groups, projects, productions, programmes, services, making things, personal, inter-personal, family, community, ecology, enterprise, ethics, governance, gifting, altruism, wellbeing, compassionate instruments that address global sustainability  transitions, development and immediate challenges.

It is an open space for our wholehearted humanity to express and live its amazing wholeness, care and responsibility in our lives. In particular, we will explore, investigate and document compassionate collaboration, communication and coordination.

The personallocal-global applications are pertinent in our good work.

The song is one of love – alive, humble, truthful, vibrant, joyful, giving, caring, all inclusive, and gentle. Gentleness and openness shall bear the silent chords of compassion that will harmonise our heartful endeavours, undertakings and accomplishments..."

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Virsā Singapore Partner - Peng Ean Khoo - Bilberries Blue Group of Companies, Singapore