Join our Virsā-Milaap Fundraising Effort

Virsā Fundraising Goal: 2000 USD by June 2018


Virsā is a compassionate social enterprise committed to helping Rural Women Phulkari Artisans & their traditional Handicraft - "Phulkari". Due to the advent of Machine-Made Embroidery, these Artisans & their livelihood is at significant risk. Phulkari is not just a source of income for them, it's also central to the cultural heritage of South Asia. Some tapestries can take anywhere from 2 months to Several years to Embroider!

Virsā actively works with 45 such Rural Artisans spread across villages in the Patiala-Nabha region of Punjab, India. We aim to (1) Revive the dying craft of Phulkari (2) Enable and Empower our Phulkari Artisans to get a Fair Value for their hard work (3) Create a Sustainable, Profit Sharing Community-based Approach

Specific Objectives of this Virsā-Milaap Fundraiser:

1. Help Phulkari Artisans purchase better quality Thread, Cloth, Stencils, Wooden Embroidery Frames and Needles to practice their craft more efficiently and effectively

2. Every work has its occupational hazards. Phulkari Artisans suffer from increasingly diminished vision due to minute needlework and poor lighting conditions in the Villages. Funds raised will be used to set up Vision Check-up Camps and provide Optometrist support to the Artisans. Our Artisans often suffer from Malnutrition or in some cases, Hypernutrition - primarily due to emphasis of Dairy in their diets. We will also be using these funds to measure their Lipid Profiles and gain a better understanding of their reproductive and/or pre-/post-menopausal health. Similarly, another common hazard is Spondylitis and Musculoskeletal issues of the Back.

Please Note: A Fundraiser Accountability Report will be published on www.virsā.com for Donors and viewers of the Website. A copy of this Report with Supporting Documents will be available with Milaap - our Fundraising Partner in India.

To know more about Virsā, it's Founders and its Activities - please explore our website. If you would like to support our efforts OR meet our Artisans, please leave a comment below OR write to us:


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