Woven Through Time - The Singapore Exhibition Collection

Virsā is showcasing it's most exquisite collection in Singapore on August 19-20, 2017 at The Visual Arts Center. The collection, named "Woven Through Time", has unique one-of-a-kind pieces. In fact, no two pieces of authentic hand-crafted Phulkari are ever the same! 

Woven Through Time features twelve pieces of Contemporary Phulkari and Adha-Baghs lovingly made by Virsā's Artisan Associates in Patiala and Nabha sub-regions of Indian Punjab. We also have one rare piece of Darshan Dwār - Devotional Phulkari. Each of these pieces took between 500 - 1000 hours to craft and have a distinctive story hidden behind every stitch and motif. 

The Exhibition Collection also features Original Artworks inspired from Punjab Village Life and Heirloom Phulkari Patterns - especially some patterns which have all but vanished in post-Partition Punjab. There were about 52 distinctive Phulkari stitches prior to 1947 and modern-day Phulkari Artisans' repertoire has shrunk to only 5-6.  A core part of Virsā's mission is to revive these stitches, patterns and motifs, and encourage our Artisans to embrace them once again!   

All our Exhibition Collection photographs will remain on our Site and serve as valuable references for future customers. If you do spot one you love (and even if it's sold out), please do drop us a comment OR email us at: virsa2017@gmail.com. We will try our best to either share closely-matched pieces with you OR you may order a custom Phulkari just for you!