Virsā Artisans embracing the glorious Past of Sainchi Phulkari

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One of the most important missions of Virsā is:

"Helping Artisans Re-Skill Themselves in Older, Historic Patterns. Encouraging them to Explore and Embrace the Glorious Past of the Phulkari Tradition yet again!"

VIRSĀ's Artwork "Darshan Dwār" is part of this endeavor and one of our extremely talented artisans, Harjeet Kaur (below), took the challenge and she created a gorgeous Darshan Dwār Phulkari, which is on view at our Singapore Exhibition (August 19-20, 2017). 

Virsā Artisan

Embracing the glorious past of Sainchi Phulkari - Virsā Artisan, Harjeet Kaur recreated the Darshan Dwār, a rare devotional PhulkariRare Devotional Phulkari, Darshan Dwār (Lit. Door to the Divine) handcrafted by Virsā ArtisanDarshan Dwār Phulkari crafted by Virsā Artisan

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